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Each year, authors compete through the written word for the honor of owning a miniature replica of a spaceship. Since 1953, the Hugo Award has been the most regular and prestigious honor bestowed to those of us in the science fiction and fantasy genres. They represent a true expression of democracy, being nominated and voted by the fans. It is not just the authors who are recognized: editors, filmmakers, even fans can win the golden rocket statuette.

And that's why we are asking for your nomination.

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It's that time of the year, again, when hundreds of sf fans (or 'fen') converge from around the world. Their goal is not just to converse upon matters science and fictiony, but to determine the genre's brightest stars. Yes, it's Hugo time!

This year, some three hundred fen gathered in Seattle Hyatt House Hotel for the 19th Annual WorldCon (appropriately dubbed "SeaCon" this year) over Labor Day weekend. Wally Weber organized the shindig, and the silver/acrid-tongued Harlan Ellison served as Toastmaster. It's a convention I should have, by all rights, been able to have attended given my frequent travels to that jewel city of the Northwest. A family wedding got in the way, however, so details of this, the year's most important sf fan event, had to be gotten second-hand. Luckily, I got them via phone and some photos via 'fax for you all to enjoy!

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The Journey presents that annual assemblage of scientifiction (stf or "steff") fans known as WorldCon!

all pictures from

Of course, I wasn't actually present at the con, it being held some 2500 miles away on the 17th floor of the Penn Sheraton in Pittsburgh. But I know people, and I have access to a million-dollar 'fax machine. Thus, even though the custodial staff is just barely finishing its sweeping up after some 300 attendees had a roaring great time, I am already able to bring you this report:

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