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Every once in a while, one comes across a supremely talented, like-minded person. Ashley R. Pollard is a gifted writer from England who is shopping around her first novel. I discovered her through her columns in a British 'zine; I was so impressed that I asked if she'd like to join the Journey as a contributor, writing on fandom in the UK. To my intense gratification, she agreed. Here is her first article...

Out of the blue I received a letter from across the pond asking me if I would have a mind to contribute to his journal and that is how I came to find myself writing this entry for the Galactic Journey. To say I was delighted to be known to an American writer would be an understatement, but to be able to write for the Journey in such exciting times as these, the Dawn of the Space Age, is quite frankly a privilege. When Sputnik took to the heavens on October the Fourth, 1957, my work colleagues could no longer pass off my taste for reading science fiction as some abnormal fancy but rather as a sign of prescience.

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The jangling of the telephone broke my slumber far too early. Groggily, I paced to the handset, half concerned, half furious. I picked it up, but before I could say a word, I heard a frantic voice.

"Turn on your radio right now!"

I blinked. "Wha.." I managed.

"Really!" the voice urged. I still didn't even know who was calling.

Nevertheless, I went to the little maroon Zenith on my dresser and turned the knob. The 'phone was forgotten in my grip as I waited for the tubes to warm up. 10 seconds later, I heard the news.

It happened. A man had been shot into orbit. And it wasn't one of ours.

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