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Just a generation ago, King Kong introduced us to the spectacle of an oversized monster wrecking a modern metropolis. The Japanese have taken this torch and run with it, giving us first Godzilla, and its rather inferior sequel, Godzilla Raids Again. Not to be outdone, the British have unleashed a giant lizard on their own capital.

As my regular readers know (and I'm pleased to see that this number has grown since I began this endeavor just two-and-a-half years ago), my daughter and I are avid movie-goers. I daresay we've watched every science fiction and fantasy flick that has mounted reel in our town since 1959. That means we see a lot of dreck, but even the worst films often have something to recommend them, even if it is only their own awfulness. And, there are the occasional indisputably great shows.

Gorgo is not among them, but then it never claims to be. It delivers exactly what it promises: the gleeful destruction of London.

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