Sep. 4th, 2017

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[if you’re new to the Journey, read this to see what we’re all about!]

by Gideon Marcus

Once again, the best and the brightest of the fans (and many of the rest of them) congregated for the biggest SFnal shindig of the year: WorldCon. This year, Chicago won the bid to hold this prestigious event. The Pick-Congress Hotel saw more than 700 fen gather for a Labor Day weekend of carousing, shopping, costuming, and voting.

You see, every year these fans select the worthiest science fiction stories and outlets of the prior year to be recipients of the Hugo, a golden rocketship trophy. It's the closest thing one can get to a curated list of the best SF has to offer. Winning is a tremendous honor; even getting on the nominees ballot is a laudable achievement. In fact, we have been informed that Galactic Journey was the Nominee-Runner Up this year in the Best Fanzine category -- thanks to all of you who got us to one rank below the ballot. Perhaps next year will be the breakthrough!

The Chicon III fanquet, where the award ceremony was held

So let's see what the fans decided was 1961's best, and in particular, let's compare it to my list of favorites, the ones I gave at the end of last year.

(see the rest at Galactic Journey!)


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