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[August 8, 1962] Abysmal (The Underwater City)

[if you’re new to the Journey, reference this summary article to see what we’re all about.]

by Gideon Marcus

The Sea. An endless, mysterious expanse. A potential source for bountiful harvests of food. An untapped mine of vast mineral wealth. A battleground to be populated with underwater naval bases.

An inspiration for far too many lousy movies.

Frontiers are always ripe arenas for adventure stories. From Outer Space to the frigid poles to the watery depths, they lure us with the promise of riches and resources; they reward us with hardship and death. Man vs. Nature is one of the classic conflicts, and expertly handled, can be a thrill.

The makers of the latest summer sci-fi film, The Underwater City, were not experts.

(stills are in color, but the film was released in black and white for no explainable reason)

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