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[As promised, here is the first of Rosemary Benton's regular articles for Galactic Journey. Science ficton is about progress, and not just of the nuts and bolts kind. Sociological progress is fertile ground for a myriad of stories. I can easily imagine an intergalactic version of the new development Ms. Benton writes about below...(the Editor)]

Salutations everyone! On March 1st our president made good on a proposed project from back in 1960 which we, especially the young, hoped against hope would come to fruition. The Peace Corps, a volunteer organization tasked with providing technical assistance and fostering cultural exchange abroad, is now a reality. Granted, it is only on a trial basis, but the enthusiasm that the very concept has generated has been momentous.

Sharron Perry is one such prospective volunteer I've recently had the pleasure to meet. A succinct and highly motivated lady, she told me all about this revolutionary new federal program that was started just earlier this month. As a conscientious objector and active member of her university's organization, Americans Committed to World Responsibility, Sharron is a graduating senior who seems to vibrate with the energy that embodies her age group. She was nice enough to share with me the following letter which she hopes will galvanize other young people at her school, the University of Michigan, to join her on this new adventure.

Perhaps she will motivate you, as well:

(see the letter at Galactic Journey!)


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