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[Our penpal is back, this time with a highly topical story...]

Dear Editor:

How nice that you've published my letter, with Barney's picture! Geez, I shouldn't have sent my picture--just wanted you to know which one I was of all the people I'm sure you talked to. Anyway, I thought of something I didn't write about in my first letter to you. (Thanks for sending some back issues of your publication.) I see that you are aware that there is something going on in Indochina that involves the US (March 31, 1961), but now, a year later, yes, it is clear that we as a nation are involved in war, but are just being sort of secretive about it.

Last summer I participated in my first demonstration. It was a "lie-in."

from David McReynolds

(see the rest at Galactic Journey!)
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[The great debate of any magazine (fan or professional) is whether or not to include a letter column. Obviously, I append reader comments to their article which they reference, but sometimes I get letters of a more general nature. Since I imagine my readers would like to know their fellow fen, I'm publishing a recently received missive, this from a charming young lady I met at Condor...]

(see the rest at Galactic Journey!)


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