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June was a busy month for space travel buffs, especially those who live in the Free World. Here's an omnibus edition covering all of the missions I caught wind of in the papers or the magazines:

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Look out, Venus! The Russians are coming to open your shell.

Venus, forever shrouded in a protective layer of clouds, may soon be compelled to give up her secrets to a 1400 pound probe. Launched by the Soviet Union on the 11th, it is the first mission from Earth specifically designed to investigate "Earth's Twin."

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Here's some exciting news: NASA has launched number eight in its Explorer series of small science satellites, the first in over a year.

The 41kg probe has a brand-new type of mission, to explore the atmospheric layer where the sun's merciless energy strips atoms of their electrons, thus ionizing them. This so-called Ionosphere has some fascinating properties, most significant of which is its ability to reflect radio waves. This is why you can pick up shortwave broadcasts from around the globe. From a purely scientific standpoint, knowing about the mechanics of the ionosphere allows you to learn more about atmospheric electricity and the base of our planet's magnetosphere. It is, essentially, our first sea wall against the ocean of space.

(see the rest at Galactic Journey!)


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