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by Gideon Marcus

This weekend, the Journey travels to WonderCon, a midlin'-sized fan convention with an emphasis on comics and science fiction. It's a perfect opportunity to introduce Galactic Journey to a host of new readers, folks who have a keen interest in what this column has to offer.

So what is Galactic Journey? Quite simply, it is the most comprehensive 'zine you'll find covering all of the coolest, the quirkiest, the most far out stuff, as it happens, day-by-day.

In 1962.

You see, the Traveler (along with his gang, which has now grown to ten persons!) is like everyone else. He plods along through time at a steady rate of one hour per hour, one year per year -- maybe just not the year you live in.

When he started documenting this trip, it was October 21, 1958. Sputnik was just a year old. Buddy Holly was still around. Now, three and a half years later, we have a new President. We have a new dance craze. There have been five men in space.

Along the way, he and his fellow travelers have written on every aspect of current science fiction and fantasy:

(see the rest at Galactic Journey!)


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